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Posted on 08-24-2018

Contact Lens Health Week With The Eye Center In Okmulgee, OK

Late August hosts Contact Lens Health Week, a special week sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and partners like The Eye Center to promote better care and use of contact lenses. The CDC says that multiple important outbreaks of sight-threatening infections have been connected with poor contact lens care, and it hopes that this Week will remind people of the importance of following care instructions.

person putting contact lens on eye‚Äč

Why It's Important To Follow Contact Lens Care Instructions

The most important reason to follow the instructions for your type of contact lenses is to avoid infection. Without regular cleaning with the proper solution, bacteria and other microbes can build upon and behind your lenses. These organisms can then infect your eye, causing pain, pus discharge, and in extreme cases, blindness.

It's also important to follow the instructions for the duration of wear. Lenses are approved for different wear times after being tested for safety at these durations of use. Stretching the time beyond that is taking an unnecessary gamble.

How Should Contacts Be Cared For?

Some of the specifics depend on which type of lenses you have, but for standard reusable ones, the normal rule is to take them out every night and clean them by rubbing them with contact lens solution. They should then be stored in the solution until it's time to wear them again.

For extended-wear lenses, the need for cleaning depends on whether or not they're considered disposable. If they are, you can just toss them when their time is up.

Is It Better To Just Get Glasses?

While it may seem like a simple enough solution, there are many cases where Glasses just wouldn’t be effective enough.  Contact lenses provide undistorted correction even at the peripheries of your vision, and they're far less costly to replace if you lose a pair. However, if you can't stick to the proper care recommendations for any reason, you should take the safe route and get glasses.

Contact The Eye Center in Okmulgee, OK Today For An Exam

To get started with wearing contact lenses, your first step is to make an appointment with us here at The Eye Center for a contact lens exam and fitting. Our South Tulsa office can be contacted at 918-369-3937 and our Okmulgee office can be contacted at 918-756-0316. We hope to hear from you soon!

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