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Posted on 09-07-2018

When to See an Optometrist At The Eye Center In Okmulgee, OK

Taking care of your eyes will help to maintain or control your vision. Making an appointment with The Eye Center in the South Tulsa and Okmulgee areas to meet with our optometrist for an eye exam is an important part of eye health. Here is some information about when to call our optometry team.

senior receiving an eye exam from her optometrist

When Irritation Is Present

Anytime irritation is felt in an eye, it is best to see an optometrist for an evaluation. Failing to get checked could lead to scratching or further damage to the eye. Irritation is caused by allergens such as dust or pet fur, or it could be the result of a medical condition like pink eye. It is best to be assessed so proper treatment is obtained, minimizing the chance of vision problems and pain.

When Vision Becomes Altered

If you are unable to see clearly, seeing an eye doctor is important. Your prescription may have changed, making it necessary to obtain corrective lenses to sharpen your vision. If you see floating images or bright lights obscuring your view of a normal object, there is a possibility of retinal damage of an eye. Our optometrist will ask you about symptoms you are experiencing and will conduct a full exam to check your vision so appropriate treatment is conducted afterward.

Each Year For A Routine Eye Exam

Seeing our optometrist each year, or more frequently if there is a need, will help to keep your eyes in optimal health. Our staff members will check your eyes to determine if there is a change in vision and supply you with a prescription for corrective lenses if necessary. Seeing our doctor yearly for an eye exam will also help to thwart extensive health problems as they will be found in a prompt manner as well.

Make An Appointment With Our Okmulgee Team

If you are ready to make an appointment with our optometrist, make a call to The Eye Center to schedule an appointment. Reach out South Tulsa practice at (918) 369-3937 or our Okmulgee facility at (918) 756-0316.

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