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Eye Care for Eye Infections and Injuries with our Okmulgee, South Tulsa, and Bixby Optometrists

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Having an eye infection or injury can put your vision at risk when you do not go for treatment. At The Eye Center, our eye doctor offers treatment for patients in Okmulgee, South Tulsa and Bixby who have eye infections and injuries. 

Common Eye Infections and Injuries

There are many different kinds of eye infections and injuries, but some occur more often. 

  • Conjunctivitis or pink eye: One of the most common types of infections that affect the eye is conjunctivitis or pink eye. This is a highly contagious infection that can be caused by viruses or bacteria. 
  • Viral keratitis: This is another type of viral infection that can affect the eyes. Viral keratitis includes ocular herpes from the Herpes simplex virus.
  • Corneal abrasion: This eye injury can occur when something scratches the surface of your eye. 
  • Black eye: Swelling and discoloration around the eye can occur due to trauma.
  • Chemical burns: These can occur when you accidentally splash a chemical substance near your face, such as household cleaning products. 

When to Seek Care 

If you have an injured eye or an eye infection, it is important to seek care from our optometrist as soon as you can. Having your infection or injury promptly examined and treated helps lower the risk of complications, which can be serious. Keep in mind that untreated eye infections and injuries can end up leading to permanent vision loss in some cases. 

Treatment for Eye Infections and Injuries in Okmulgee, Bixby and South Tulsa

When you have an eye infection or injury, our optometry team in Okmulgee, South Tulsa, and Bixby will provide you with care as quickly as possible. The treatment you will need depends on the type of infection or injury you have and how serious it is. Eye infections that are viral clear up on their own, but you will need antibiotics for a bacterial infection. You should not wear contact lenses with an infection until it clears up since they can cause additional irritation. You can also end up with another infection if your contacts are contaminated. 

Treatments for eye injuries vary based on the type of injury and how severe the damage is. Immediate care can help ease redness, discomfort, burning and other symptoms you might be experiencing. Getting help as soon as possible also lowers the risk of vision loss and other complications with eye injuries. 

Visit Our Optometrist for Eye care

If you have an eye infection or injury, visit our Bixby, South Tulsa or Okmulgee optometrist for eye care. We provide prompt treatment for infections and injuries that help your eyes recover and stay healthy.

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