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Pink Eye Treatment From Your Okmulgee and South Tulsa Optometrist

“Pink eye” is the popular term given to an inflammation of the conjunctiva of the eye, the clear tissue beneath the eyelids. The condition is given this name because of the redness that inflames these tissues. Pink eye can be both unsightly and an uncomfortable problem that interferes with normal vision and everyday activities. Your eye doctor at The Eye Center can provide treatment of pink eye, so you can see in comfort again.

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What Causes Conjunctivitis?

The clinical name for pink eye is “conjunctivitis,” which means “inflammation of the conjunctiva.” Eyes may feel itchy, watery, burning or feel as if there is a foreign object in the eyes. There may be a discharge from the eyes that causes crusting at the corners or around the rims. Vision may be blurry, and the area around the eyeball will appear red and inflamed. The condition can be caused by bacteria, viruses, allergies, a foreign body in the eye or from contact with chemicals or other irritants. Wearing contact lenses can pre-dispose individuals to getting pink eye when contact solutions become contaminated. Conjunctivitis is highly contagious and can spread quickly from person to person in a group. In mild cases, conjunctivitis can resolve on its own, but often, treatment is necessary to reduce symptoms.

Treatment for Conjunctivitis

Antibiotic drops or ointment will eliminate bacterial infections in the eyes. However, antibiotics will not help viral infections. Warm compresses on the eyes will help to soothe inflamed tissue. Artificial tears, available at local pharmacies, can help to reduce discomfort. Conjunctivitis caused by allergies may require medications to reduce allergic reaction. Frequent hand washing is recommended to prevent transmission of the infection to others. Your Okmulgee eye doctor can determine if medication is needed to treat cases of pink eye and can take care of additional eye care needs.

Make The Eye Center Your Optometrist in Okmulgee and South Tulsa

Dr. Ward and Dr. Hall are dedicated optometry professionals who are committed to providing the highest quality eye care for their patients in Okmulgee, South Tulsa, Bixby and nearby communities. We offer care for eye diseases and injuries, as well as for routine vision care. We pride ourselves on excellence in our customer care and work hard to understand our patients’ individual needs. Call The Eye Center today at 918-756-0316 in Okmulgee or 918-369-3937 for an appointment to learn about treatment of pink eye and other ways to ensure healthy vision throughout your life.

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