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Free Kindergarten Exam

At The Eye Center of South Tulsa, Bixby, and Okmulgee, we care about our patient’s wellbeing and vision heath. We also know just how important it is to have the best quality of vision possible heading into school. That’s why we provide a free kindergarten eye exam to our patients. If your child is in kindergarten, ensure he or she can see as well as possible. Schedule an eye exam with our team today.

Free Kindergarten Exam

What Is Our Free Kindergarten Exam?

We provide a free kindergarten eye exam to our patients located in Tulsa and the surrounding areas. This is a service to the community and really is a free offer. This is also a complete eye exam. Unlike other screenings, which do not provide a high quality of vision care for conditions such as farsightedness, our exam is more thorough. This is the same exam we would provide to a 10-year-old with vision insurance, for example. Keep in mind the child must be in kindergarten to qualify for this free offer. This eye exam is a $120 offer your child can receive at no cost to you.

Why Should Your Child Have an Eye Exam Before or During Kindergarten?

Ongoing vision screening is important for all children. It is essential to catch underdeveloped eye structures including muscles early on. For example, children who have a lazy eye have a muscle structure that does not develop well at birth. However, with proper treatment, this condition can improve significantly. Without care early on, the eye can remain blind or lack quality vision. When we conduct vision exams early on, we can ensure children get the care they need sooner rather than later.

Another key benefit to having early vision screening has to do with the ability to learn to read and write. If a child cannot see well enough to see what a teacher is presenting, that child is going to struggle to learn. Many children are diagnosed with a learning disability when in fact they cannot see well enough to keep up. We can minimize this risk by ensuring a child is given optimal access to prescription eyeglasses if necessary.

When Should Children Visit an Optometry Office?

We recommend coming in to see the eye doctor as soon as three or four years of age. It’s always good to have an initial screening of your child’s eye development. We then like to conduct annual exams from the age of 6 onward. These routine examinations with the eye doctor can help us to not only spot and treat vision concerns but also to monitor overall eye health and development. You can visit our optometry office for any concerns you have especially when there are changes in vision, concerns about vision quality, or any type of pain related to the eyes.

Schedule an Examination with Your Child’s Optometrist Today

You can give your child the care he or she needs early on. There’s no obligation for continued care and there’s no reason to pass up this offer. Call The Eye Center today to schedule an examination. We provide care to those in Bixby, South Tulsa, Okmulgee and the surrounding areas. Call us at 918-369-3937 for more information about our free kindergarten eye exam.

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